Yosemite Sam (Gold Key/Whitman Comics) 7 is an issue of the Yosemite Sam series from Gold Key/Whitman Comics. The issue date is April 1972.


The Crimson Phantom

Starring: Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny
Summary: Tired of Sam's mooching, Bugs gets him a job guarding the zoo. Seafarin' Sam is reluctant, but when the Crimson Phantom starts stealing animals Sam is eager to catch him.

The Big Bull Fright

Starring: Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny
Summary: Broke and hungry, Bugs enters Sam in a bullfight. Then he feels bad about it, and enters the ring to help him.

No Sale on Sails

Starring: Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny
Summary: Sam needs new sails for his pirate ship, but Count Bacula has bought all the sailcloth in town for new drapes. He offers them some if they spend the night in his castle, and survive...

Turning Turtle

Starring: Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny
Summary: When Sam sells his "lucky rabbit" to some native islanders, Bugs protests. The natives challenge them to race around the island on turtles, but Bugs and Sam work together to race back to the ship.

(NOTE: The issue on hand is a Whitman Comics re-issue. If any stories are different in the Gold Key version, please contact us.)


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