Yosemite Sam (Gold Key/Whitman Comics) 4 is an issue of the Yosemite Sam series from Gold Key/Whitman Comics. The issue date is September 1971 and the cover price is fifteen cents.


New Home of Bugs Bunny Esq.

Starring: Yosemite Sam
Guest starring: Bugs Bunny
Summary: Sam digs through Bugs' hole looking for hidden gold, but finds more than he was looking for.

The Daytime Knight

Starring: Yosemite Sam
Guest starring: Elmer Fudd
Summary: Elmer invites Sam to watch a hypnotist on television. When Sam is hypnotized, Elmer must save him.

Finders Weepers

Starring: Yosemite Sam
Guest starring: Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig
Summary: Sam and Bugs find the same diamond on the sidewalk. They begin to fight over it, but Porky suggests they share. Sam schemes to get the gem for himself, but another crook overhears and gets the same idea.

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