Yosemite Sam (Gold Key/Whitman Comics) 3 is the third issue of the Yosemite Sam series from Gold Key/Whitman Comics. The issue date is June 1971 and the cover price is fifteen cents.


Hop to It

Starring: Yosemite Sam
Guest starring: Bugs Bunny
Summary: Sam's treasure map is measured in bunny hops, so he brings Bugs to Hawaii to help him find it. His hopping gets them into trouble, but in the end it just might save the day.

The Waltzing Whale

Starring: Yosemite Sam
Guest starring: Porky Pig, Cicero Pig, Petunia Pig
Summary: Porky convinces Sam to go on a whaling expedition. They find an unusual whale that walks on land and Porky wants to bring it back alive, but Sam accidentally lets it escape. Can Petunia help get it back?

High Guy

Starring: Yosemite Sam
Guest starring: Elmer Fudd
Summary: Elmer orders height shoes to seem taller than Sam. Sam's new dog and a passing tramp each serve to separate Fudd from his risers.

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