Looney Tunes (Gold Key) 9 is an issue of Gold Key Comics' Looney Tunes series. The issue date is August 1976 and the cover price is twenty-five cents.


Stories from Whitman version:

Sagebrush Songster

Starring: Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam
Cameo: Daffy Duck
Summary: Sheriff Sam asks for Bugs' help becoming a star as a singing cowboy. When his voice frightens a stampeding bull, the townsfolk give him a spot on a stage, a stagecoach out of town.

Pet Peeve

Starring: Tweety and Sylvester
Cameo: Daffy Duck
Summary: Tweety hides in a pet shop, but is sold to a house with a bulldog. Sylvester dons a bulldog costume to get him, but he has been returned to the store. When Sylvester reaches the pet store, still in costume, Tweety has already talked his way to freedom, but the shop owner sticks Sylvester in his kennel.

The Wall Scrawler

Starring: Foghorn Leghorn and Henery Hawk
Guest starring: Beaky Buzzard
Cameo: Daffy Duck
Summary: Henery frames Foggy for graffiti. Then an art collector frames the graffiti.

Dear Diary

Starring: Wile E. Coyote and Beep Beep
Cameo: Daffy Duck
Summary: Wile E. prepares a homing missile full of glue, but Road Runner innocently brings it's target back to the coyote.

Maurice Is Missing

Starring: Daffy Duck and Porky Pig
Summary: After searching for Maurice in each of the previous stories, Daffy continues looking for him near Porky. A moment later another duck comes looking for Daffy. He tells Porky to tell Daffy that Maurice is in a mountain cabin. The newspaper says an escaped ape is on the mountain, so Porky goes to warn Daffy. He climbs the peak and enters the cabin, but the gorilla, already inside, beats him up. Daffy arrives and brings Maurice, the gorilla, back to the zoo.

Stumping the Ants

(Story feature)
Starring: Sniffles and Mary Jane
Summary: Mary Jane's friends won't come over anymore because they found ants in her yard. Sniffles says she should shrink and talk to them. They say they'd rather live in a nearby stump, but there are thick weeds around it. She promises to clear the weeds and they promise to move.

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