Release Date February 2014
Issue Date April 2014
Released By DC Comics
Other information
Characters Yosemite Sam
Lola Bunny
Wile E. Coyote
Road Runner
Speedy Gonzales
Pepe Le Pew
Rocky and Mugsy
Bugs Bunny
Beaky Buzzard
Witch Hazel
Slowpoke Rodriguez
Foghorn Leghorn
Barnyard Dawg
Egghead Jr.
Porky Pig
Henery Hawk
Elmer Fudd
Daffy Duck
Marvin The Martian (on a billboard)
Instant Martian

Looney Tunes (DC Comics) 217 is an issue of DC Comic's Looney Tunes series. The release date is February 2014, and the issue date is April 2014.

Comics Included

  • Will-Call Wabbit
  • Hare-A 51
  • Quiet, Peas!
  • Take Note
  • Paparazzi Pew

Original Plot Summary

  • When Elmer Fudd invades the idyllic serenity of Bugs Bunny's pastoral home, he brings along thousands of music fans and sets up a music festival! Now that Bugs can't listen to his carrot-needled phonograph under the hail of noise, a confrontation is bound to set off sparks!

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