3890691-looney tunes -burger king -2 - cover

Stories Included

Oh, Baby- Daffy Duck is given a job as a daycare worker. As he starts reading the children their numbers begin to swell. They're coming from his Acme sack and their use of the items in the sack is wreaking havoc on the building. Eventually Daffy is himself turned into a toddler.

Birdie-Go Vertigo!- Sylvester develops vertigo when he falls off a ladder while attempting to catch Tweety. Eventually this causes him to fall off the top of a building under construction while chasing Tweety.

Life In The Crash Lane- Wile E. Coyote is on the wrong end of numerous traps he uses in an attempt to capture Road Runner.

Carrot Conquest- Marvin The Martian comes to Earth to collect carrotonium. Unfortunately for him he attempts to take it from Bugs Bunny. Even with the help of K-9 Bugs continues to get the better of Marvin, eventually sending him up to the land of the giants in the clouds.

Hare Sighted- Bugs Bunny lures Yosemite Sam into a house of mirrors and convinces him that he's going insane. Sam is eventually carted off to the loony bin.

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