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Stories included

Shake Well Before Ewes- Sam the Sheepdog and Ralph the Wolf go to work. Sam prevents Ralph's repeated attempts to steal sheep.

Bugs Bunny & Yosemite Sam Con-Fuse-Ion Take One- One page story where Yosemite Sam attempts to blow up Bugs Bunny in his hole. The outcome is predictable. Hint: Sam is left holding the dynamite when it explodes.

Fowled Out- Wile E. Coyote attempts to catch the Road Runner. The sports-themed traps include exploding hockey pucks, giant cricket bats (and even more giant crickets), dynamite filled bowling balls, and more.

Bugs Bunny & Yosemite Sam Con-Fuse-Ion Take Two- Once again Sam is left holding the dynamite.

Tweety Temps!- The fourth wall is partially broken when Sylvester is filming an episode of the standard cartoon featuring Tweety. In this tale Tweety is played by a number of other Looney Tunes characters. Most notable is the arms race between Sylvester and Daffy Duck.

Bugs Bunny & Yosemite Sam Con-Fuse-Ion Take Three- Bugs once again outsmarts Sam in the latter's attempt to dynamite the former in his hole.

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